Prince William spoke at the IMF and World Bank meeting this week, putting pressure on banks to do more to tackle climate change.

The Duke said that we must continue to invest in nature, suggesting reforestation and sustainable agriculture as  “cost effective”  measures.

“We cannot recover sustainably from coronavirus, eradicate global poverty, achieve net-zero emissions, or adapt to climate change, without investing in nature,” he said.

“We must invest in nature, through reforestation, sustainable agriculture and supporting healthy oceans… because doing so is one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways of tackling climate change.

“It removes carbon from the atmosphere, helps build more resilient communities, tackles biodiversity loss and protects people’s livelihoods.”

Earlier this week, the Bank of England was targetted by the climate activist group, Extinction Rebellion, due to the bank’s funding of fossil fuel companies.

“All of you here at the World Bank and across each of the multilateral development banks have that crucial part to play by supporting a green, inclusive and resilient recovery from the pandemic, by valuing nature and putting it at the heart of your work, and by increasing investment in a future where the natural world can thrive,” said Prince William.

HSBC said last month it would stop financing coal projects in the EU by 2030.