A climatologist has found that 400 weather stations around the world beat their all-time high temperature records over the past year.

Maximiliano Herrera has found that a number of new records have been broken, including those in Oman, UAE, Canada beating their highest ever records.

The same data found that 107 countries beat their monthly high temperatures.

“You can certainly see the effect of climate change in our weather in Kenya, and globally. We’re just putting together the data for 2021, but we think we will have seen an annual temperature which is 2.1C higher than normal for some parts of the country. The shifts are very noticeable, from one extreme to another in a very short space of time,” he said.

“Of course 2021 was full of extreme events. But if I have to name one, I’ll name what struck every single climatologist and meteorologist in the world.”

“I confess, I would have never believed this to be even physically impossible. The magnitude of this event surpassed anything I have seen after a life of researching extreme events in all modern world climatic history in the past couple of centuries.”