The US Special Envoy on climate change has called Donald Trump’s four years in the White House “reckless”.

John Kerry said after John Biden’s inauguration that he hoped the US would now continue the fight with climate change with “humility and ambition”.

One of Biden’s first actions since entering his term in Presidency was re-apply to join the Paris agreement. Kerry said that Trump’s decision to withdraw from the agreement was a threat to people all over the world.

Kerry is the former Secretary of State and is now the most senior figure working on climate change in Biden’s new administration.

“We know with pain and some embarrassment that, for the last four years, the leader of our country chose to pull out of the agreement and, frankly, engage in reckless behaviour, with respect to the future of people all over the world,” Kerry commented on Biden’s first day in office.

Kerry has grand plans for the US future in climate change. He said that in order to achieve net-zero emissions by mid-century, renewable energy would have to speed up renewables by six times as well as transition to electric vehicles 22x faster.

“I think we have to move from those dirty options much faster. Some countries are funding coal-fired power plants around the world, some countries are planning to bring increased coal-fired power online. So my plea to everybody is that we have to reach a much faster path of decarbonisation, it is doable,” he said.

“We really have the world’s last most important opportunity to come together to raise ambition and to take the next step from Paris. Failure is simply not an option.”