John Kerry, the US climate change envoy, has called on the top 20 polluters across the globe to immediately reduce climate emissions.

The top 20 polluters are responsible for 81% of global emissions, which Kerry said will have to drastically change.

Speaking after a meeting with Boris Johnson on international climate talks, he said: “China, the US, Russia, India, the EU, Korea, Japan and others all have to be part of this effort. Twenty countries. 81% of the emissions.”

“All over the world people have made a decision to move to cleaner fuel than coal, which is the dirtiest fuel in the world. In America and elsewhere …most banks will tell you we’re not going to fund a new coal plant.”

Kerry praised the UK for ambitious targets.

Kerry said on Tuesday when in Brussells: “This is the moment. Glasgow is the last, best opportunity that we have and the best hope that the world will come together and build on Paris. Scientists tell us this decade, 2020 to 2030, must be the decade of action.”