New figures have found that rewilding 5% of the UK could create 20,000 in rural communities.

Rewilding would also create 50% more employment than intensive farming.

“You’re looking at approximately a 50% increase in jobs compared with traditional intensive farming,” said Professor Alastair Driver, the director of Rewilding Britain.

“Even just two or three jobs in small rural communities is very significant. That will bring greater vibrancy and spin-off opportunities to those areas. I can only see it being a good thing.”

The figures are based on surveys over 27 locations where rewilding has been taking place across the UK.

“We are only scratching the surface in terms of nature-based tourism in this country. Diversification will increase resilience in the face of trade deals, tariffs and the future of farming,” he said.

“When I was putting this data into a spreadsheet and summing it, I could see the job numbers going up almost every time I added a site. It’s only moving in one direction.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs commented on the importance of green jobs. They said: “Rural communities play a vital role in contributing to our economy, and we know that investment in the natural environment creates rural green jobs.

“Our green recovery challenge fund is on track to support up to 2,500 jobs in total, with funding for rewilding projects and communities across the country, including those in rural areas.

“We support the creation and enhancement of wilder landscapes as part of our broader approach to nature recovery, and will continue to back projects that offer both environmental and economic benefits for our communities.”