Despite promises to invest more into green energy, the G7 nations invested billions into fossil fuels since the pandemic.

The UK, US, Canada, Italy, France, Germany and Japan spent  $189bn on oil, coal and gas over the pandemic, whilst spending just  $147bn on green energy.

Paul Cook, the head of advocacy at Tearfund, commented: “Every day, we witness the worsening consequences of the climate crisis for communities around the world – farmers’ crops failing; floods and fires engulfing towns and villages; families facing an uncertain future.

“Choices made now by the G7 countries will either accelerate the transition towards a climate-safe future for all, or jeopardise efforts to date to tackle the climate crisis.”

“Their actions can set the scene for success or failure at the UN climate talks being hosted by the UK in November,” he added.

The G7 summit will open this June in Cornwall. The G7 nations will attend along with South Africa, Australia, India and South Korea. Boris Johnson has said he wants to “build back better” following the pandemic.