A new study has found that caffeine could help bumblebees pollinate.

Researchers concocted a special blend of caffeine, sugar and the specific “target flower” smell, which saw bees much more interested in pollinating the target flower smell.

The concoction with the caffeine has not been found to negatively impact the bumblebees.

“We were interested in seeing whether the bees would go for all of the flowers equally since they were all equally rewarded, or whether they go for the flowers that smell like the ones that they been kind of trained on in the nest,” said Dr Sarah Arnold of the natural resources institute at the University of Greenwich and was an author of the study.

“In a field situation … the bees would have to deal with different weather conditions, they would have further to fly and other challenges.

“The growers get more value for money out of their commercial bumblebees, the wild bees potentially get a bit less competition for their natural food resources. And, as consumers, hopefully, we also get more fruit,” she added.

The study was designed to help bees in their pollination process, which would benefit everyone as the climate crisis has impacted pollinators, having a huge knock-on effect.