Environmental campaigners are calling for the end of plans to expand regional airports in the UK.

Campaigners are making it clear that the UK government will not be able to meet legally binding environmental targets if they continue to expand airports such as Leeds Bradford.

Ministers paused plans at the Leeds Bradford airport this week. In a statement, Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (Galba), said: “Over the last few weeks we have had environmental groups, community groups, MPs, scientists and literally thousands of local people, writing directly to [Jenrick] asking for a public inquiry, and many more thousands have signed a petition. We hope that the delay is a sign that [he] is taking those requests very seriously. Leeds city council has refused to accept the responsibility to safeguard the health of the planet and future generations and a consequence the ball is in [Jenrick’s] court. He must take that responsibility and order a public inquiry.”

Currently, in the UK there are plans to expand Leeds Bradford, Bristol, Stansted and Manston airports.

“The government needs to take control of the situation, look at the cumulative impacts of all these airports and the compatibility of that with our net-zero commitments,” said Tim Johnson from the Aviation Environment Federation.

Campaigners are calling for the halt of expansion, which will lead to huge amounts of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.

A spokesperson for Leeds Bradford airport, said: “We acknowledge the deadline extension and hope that the secretary of state for housing, communities and local government will uphold Leeds city council’s approval for our replacement terminal, which will deliver thousands of new jobs and support the region’s economy. Our proposals will deliver the UK’s most efficient terminal building, enabling us to become a net-zero airport, building back better and enhancing connectivity within the UK and internationally.”