A coalition of American environmental groups have called on the US to cut 50% of emissions by 2030.

On Earth Day, 22 April, the new Biden administration will reveal new climate plans reduction targets.

A 50% cut in emissions from 2005 levels will put the US on track to meet Biden’shopes of reaching net zero emissions by  the year 2050.

Nat Keohane, vice-president for international climate at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), said: “The target has to be ambitious enough to show US leadership, but also credible, it can’t just be plucked from thin air. This is ambitious but also feasible. We need to show the US is bringing everything it can to this fight.”

“There are broad expectations from America’s allies that the NDC needs to start with a ‘5’. There is a level of urgency you hear from folks in the White House that is a sea change from even the Obama administration. I think they are serious in putting out an ambitious marker,” he added.